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Corporate ILF neurofeedback program background

Corporate ILF Neurofeedback Program 

Corporate Neurofeedback Program Design and Implementation Consulting

Corporations that manage a network of senior citizen residential centers are invited to engage Bright Minds Training LLC on a paid consultation leading to recommendations for integrating ILF neurofeedback into their business model and portfolio of services. Such a program might be comprehensive, or, alternatively, could be offered as a voluntary option, either at the time a client becomes a resident, or any time after the client has taken up residency. Neurofeedback could be offered at any of the three levels of care, depending in the availability of an appropriate, dedicated, on-site space for the practice, to help assure staff and client compliance with COVID-19 safety procedures. Multi-use spaces could also work, depending on scheduling priorities. The scope of work for such an engagement would be to assess both the clinical and cost/benefit financial implications, in terms of both quality and cash flow. The implementation plan would include a plan for a staged roll-out of this service in all, or selected facilities.

Under this program, from time to time, specialty client markets may emerge. As an example, Bright Minds Training LLC could consult corporations and large hospital systems to develop and implement in-house neurofeedback program specifically tailored to provide services to front line health care workers. These “high performers” have been and will continue to be exposed to highly traumatic and stressful on-the-job challenges. This source of health and mental health risk will have dysregulation implications on brain performance that neurofeedback can address in ways that compliment “talk therapy” and medication and can make those modalities much more effective.

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