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What is neurofeedback background

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback can help mature adults in ways that "talk therapy" and medication do less well, without having to ask embarrassing questions and engage in painful discussions and recollections. The neurofeedback approach allows me to frame my services in way that reflect my patient’s concerns as expressed in his or her own words. Following well developed protocols, the patient and I identify the 5-8 concerns he or she names as most important to them. Progress in reducing these symptoms, such as “trouble getting to sleep”, or “depression from not having enough to do”, rather than naming a diagnosis, is the objective.

Over the course of twenty 45-minute sessions over the course of 10-12 weeks, progress toward reducing these symptoms is measured and tracked. Patients simply relax in a comfortable chair while watching a Netflix movie other entertainment while your brain processes the feedback it receives on how it is performing as captured by the painless, non-invasive neurofeedback system. For the patient, the process is relaxing, and entertaining, and results in an improved sense of joy in their life. As the neurofeedback course of training progresses, clients become better able to appreciate and benefit from therapy. This is why neurofeedback is often called “neurofeedback informed therapy”. Medication needs can sometimes be reduced.

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