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How Neurofeedback Helps: A Results Based Process

Embarking on a Neurofeedback Journey


Ever wondered how the gentle power of neurofeedback can realign a mind in distress? 


The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project collects and updates results using an online HIPAA-compliant Results Tracking System. The goal is to reduce the severity of our clients' concerns. As well, we monitor the client's quality of life, healthcare usage, behavior, cognitive function, safety and acceptability of neurofeedback as well as client ratings and reviews. 


Understanding our starting point is vital. By reflecting on the year leading up to neurofeedback, we sketched the outline of each client's unique map. We ask the client to point out five to eight concerns that they can track on a daily basis. Tracking before, during, and after neurofeedback, we begin to see a decrease in severity. Generally, clients are asked at 20 and 40 sessions to rate how well they are coping with different stressors in their lives.


Let's take a look at the results based process.


Coping with Stress and the Impact on Behaviour


  • Ability to Cope with Stress: improved by 37%


  • Disciplinary Actions at School: reduced by 58%


  • Arrests/Incarcerations: reduced by 75%


  • Substance Abuse Relapses: reduced by 83%


  • Thoughts of Self-Harm/Suicidal Ideation: reduced by 57%


Impact on Cognition


  • Accuracy of Cognitive Function: 15 percentile point improvement


  • Performance of Cognitive Function: 7 percentile point improvement


Impact on Healthcare Usage


  • ER Visits for Medical Reasons: reduced by 64%


  • ER Visits for Psychiatric Reasons: reduced by 89%


  • Medical Hospitalizations: reduced by 70%


  • Psychiatric Hospitalizations: reduced by 92%


As one can see from the results above, neurofeedback generally improved the severity of symptoms in all monitored areas. For more in depth research and data, check out the links below:


Concluding Thoughts:

Each data point shines a light on the incredible power of neurofeedback. As we continue our mission at Bright Minds Training, we’re excited to offer not just insights but a beacon of hope. Reach out today to find out how neurofeedback can help you.

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